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The 19 Things Prove Australia Is The Craziest

Every time when you see news on the television or the internet about something ridiculous or nearly impossible, it’s bound to be from Australia. New species of deadly fish/spider/snake found? – Australia (‘Straya’). Fire tornados, streets melting from the heat, giant birds that can disembowel you in one bite? – ‘Straya mate!

You know, there’s a reason why Australia used to be a prison colony. It was the ultimate punishment. But now let’s see what else is cooking in this Never-Neverland of the odd, bizarre and just plain crazy!

1) First of all let’s talk snakes. There are hundreds of species of snakes there and, what’s important, most of them are venomous. One dose of Inland Taipan’s venom could kill 100 people in just 45 minutes making it the world’s deadliest snake. Always check your boots, car engines and other warm and dark places for snakes and other unwanted passengers or you might have a really bad day.

Even if a snake isn’t venomous, you can still get in trouble. Take the Python for instance. It will squeeze you till your lungs collapse and then eat you whole; at least with the Inland Taipan snake, you have 45 minutes to contemplate your life before you die!

2) The closest thing to a raptor (think Jurassic Park here) you’ll see in real life – it’s the lovelyassowary. These guys don’t mess around! Even soldiers stationed in Australia during WW2 were told not to come near these prehistoric relics since Cassowary can run up to 30 mph over rough terrain. Just leave those birds alone if you happen to cross paths.

3) Flying fox is basically a 2-pound “megabat” living off of fruits mostly. They are usually non-aggressive unless you want to mess with their cubs. Thousands of giant bats flying over your head is probably one of the most ominous and potentially traumatizing views you’ll ever see. We hope you will have a “no bat day”!

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