Monday , October 21 2019


World’s 7 Oldest Cities That Still Exist

From Atlantis to Pompeii and Machu Picchu, many great cities have risen in the history of humankind, and many have fallen, leaving nothing but ruins in their wake and maybe an odd poem written in their memory. But that is not the fate of all ancient cities, and some human …

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The Mystery Behind Ancient Egyptian Symbols

Described in ancient texts as ‘The Word of the Gods’, these symbols are frequently used in religious and magical rituals in Egypt. Each symbol has a distinct meaning, specific to the belief culture of the Egyptians, enriching the national cultural identity of this rich country. Ankh – Symbol of eternal …

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Top 10 Largest Factories In The World

Lets have a look at the 10 largest factories in the world. Most of them belong to famous global automobile corporations. 1. Car factory of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Germany This is considered the largest automobile factory in the world with a floor area of up to 6.5 million m2. It …

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World’s Languages That Are Too Similar To English

English is a bizarre language that doesn’t seem closely related to any other language, despite being one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world thanks to globalization and the internet. But while it’s true that English isn’t mutually-intelligible with any other language, it isn’t true that English has …

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6 Simple Yet Powerful Self-Defense Moves For Women

While none of us want to think about being the victim of a crime, not addressing the situation won’t solve anything. So what is the solution? Safeguarding our well-being comes down to three things: education, awareness and protection. Protecting ourselves from a potential attack does not mean that we need …

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16 Astounding Facts From Around The World

Facts and figures have always interested me. Whether it be about countries, or people, the universe, or nature, there is always an interesting figure to provide me with more knowledge and with that, more power. Take a look at some of the most interesting numbers you’ll ever read:

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