Saturday , February 23 2019


Top 10 Discoveries By Archaeologists In 2018

Recent archeological discoveries offer a huge variety of eye-opening findings that deepen our understanding of history. Some of these findings change the way we understand history completely. For example, it turns out that there was another massive plague outbreak around 3800 BC. On a more positive note, scientists also learned …

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Tips On Avoiding Being A Target For Criminals

It only takes 7 seconds for a criminal to choose their potential victim. During this time they assess the person walking in their direction and all of the possible risks. In the 1980s a study was conducted in order to figure out how criminals chose their victims. To do this, …

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How Retail Shops Make You Spend More In Market

Sales associates are well-trained in using clever little psychological techniques to boost their customers’ moods. It all comes down to choosing the right colors, music, scents and a sense of luxury. Stores place their furniture and work with shapes, enticing you to ‘just try’ some items and produce similar things …

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Fabric Softener Has These 6 Surprising Uses

Fabric softener is a common, useful and very fragrant substance that allows us not only to soften our clothing fabrics and make them pleasant to the touch but also to perfume them and ensure their good smell. Fortunately, these aren’t its only uses – Fabric softener can really be put …

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All You Need To Know About White Blood Cells

White blood cells (WBCs) form the part of your immune system which is responsible for fighting infection and defending the body against other foreign materials. Various kinds of WBCs are involved in recognizing intruders, destroying harmful bacteria, and synthesizing antibodies to defend your body from future exposure to nasty bacteria …

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31 Uses For Lemon That You Never Knew About

Everyone has a lemon in the kitchen waiting to be freshly juiced, but this little yellow fruit has many different uses besides for just eating, and today you’ll learn them all. Did you know, for example, that lemons can help you clean, look after skin and hair, and even give …

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