Wednesday , October 23 2019


The 20 Most Hilarious DIY Ideas You Must Never Try

We all have a friend who insists on fixing everything himself rather than call an expert, and consistently messes it up. These hilarious photos are prime examples of such botched up jobs. I’m still laughing hard at #12! 1. No nightstand? No problem 2. Manuals are for suckers 3. What …

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20 Design Fails That Are Absolutely Hilarious

Life is all about creating things. But sometimes, the creations that are made don’t quite turn out the way you’d expect. As Shakespeare said, “To Err is human, to forgive is divine,” and these are 20 designs that really need some forgiveness. 1. Why are there so many numbers?? 2. …

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17 Idioms That Look Hilarious When Translated To English

If you know anything about translation, you’d know that you should never translate idioms or phrases word for word, or else… this happens. As a fun exercise, we translated these 17 idioms and phrases from different languages into English, and the results are absolutely hilarious, but also very confusing. Why …

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10 Most Famous Human Mummies Ever Discovered In History

Pharaoh Tutankhamun corpse, Princess Ukok, Rosalie Lombardo … are the most famous mummies in the world with many interesting facts that amaze the public. Pharaoh’s mummy Tutankhamun is one of the most famous mummies in the world. Discovered in 1922, this Egyptian king’s mummy surprised the scientific community because it …

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11 Most Weirdest Car Customizations In The World

For many of us, cars are a tool, a means to get around efficiently. But for others, cars are the ultimate form of self-expression. Some people show who they are through a unique paint job, others make do with vanity plates, and yet others pile modification upon modification on their …

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