Monday , June 24 2024


15 Life Changing Quotes By Famous Personalities

Are you someone who tends to get worried about the smallest of things easily? You are not alone. Many of us can’t help it although we know it isn’t healthy. We keep overthinking some problem or another until it becomes bigger than it actually is. Experts say that overthinking is …

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20 Quotes That Can Inspire You For A Lifetime

We can often get caught up in our everyday struggles and succumb to the bad news, weather, and thoughts, so much so that all this negativity can start dominating our lives and let anxiety and heartbreak seep into our lives. In difficult times like these, it’s always restorative and healing …

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15 Inspiring Life Quotes By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, or F. Scott Fitzgerald, as most people know him is considered to be one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century. Few authors have come to be so closely associated with an era, as Fitzgerald and the roaring twenties. Despite that, his work proved …

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12 Touching Quotes About Dogs

Dogs have long ago stopped being just animals. To us, a dog is also a symbol – A symbol of endless loyalty, of love given without asking for it to be returned. We look to the dog and hope to find its strength and love in us. We look to …

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Quotes To Motivate You To Seize Opportunities

Opportunity isn’t always obvious, and sometimes you don’t even see it until it’s gone. It can come along when you’re down and discouraged, when you least expect it—a new beginning that feels like an ending, a door that looks like a wall. To attract it, you have to open yourself …

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