Monday , July 22 2024


Weird Sports You Never Knew Existed

Today you won’t find a man who doesn’t know what soccer, baseball or ice hockey is. These mainstream sports are played literally everywhere – backyards, school grounds, even in prisons. However, there are other less popular yet much more exciting and unusual sports that you should know about. The sports …

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The Top 45 Most Desirable Athletes Alive

We watch sports for the thrill, excitement, and passion we feel for our favorite teams. But let’s face it: X-Factor is a huge part of which athletes and sports we end up following. So who are the Most Wanted athletes alive? We chose 45 men and women from across the …

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MS Dhoni Shares Adorable Pictures Of His Daughter Ziva

Irrespective of his hectic schedule on field, Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni always counts upon his adorable daughter Ziva, who with her playful mood, is an absolute stress-buster for him. Playing with his little daughter, MS Dhoni seems very relaxed in this recent picture shared by Sakshi Dhoni on Twitter.

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20 Rare Historical Facts About Olympic Games That You Never Knew

Since its inception in ancient Greece, the Olympics have come to define the height of athletic achievement. At every Summer and Winter Games, athletes strive to outshine each other, sometimes surpassing expectations. The Olympics are a time of abundant energy, where the competitors passionately strive to bag their medals, while …

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Hilarious Reactions To Usain Bolt’s Winning Smile

Losing hurts, especially when you’ve trained for years and you’re competing in front of billions of people around the globe. But losing to somebody who is actually smiling as they beat you has to be one of the hardest forms of defeat. But then again, what do you expect when …

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Abandoned Olympic Venues Around The World

Abandoned Olympic Venues From Around The World Or Why It’s The Biggest Waste Of Money Ever The Rio Olympics is the 28th Summer Olympic games. The first one took place in Greece in 1896 and since then the event has been held in 19 different countries. But do you ever …

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