Monday , June 17 2019


They Had One Job And They Did It PERFECTLY

When it comes to learning, humans are remarkable. This is especially true when we have time to practice what we’re doing over and over again. There is no better example of this than these hard workers, who have obviously spent thousands of hours at their trade and have become more …

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12 Riddles To Test Your Brain Functioning

Prepare yourself for an interesting journey into the depths of your own mind. In this video, your brain’s capacity to retain information in the most extreme of mental situations will be tested. A series of 14 factual situations have been brought to life (or rather brought to animation) in this …

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20 Most Weirdest Houses Ever Built

Houses usually conform to a pretty repetitive structure – Most are in the form of some cube, with windows on each side etc. But the truth is a house is anywhere you feel comfortable in, and there is no rule that says they have to look the same. In this …

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31 Smartest Kitchen Tricks You Need To Know

If you’re anything like me, you like messing around in the kitchen, but sometimes the mere thought of the hassle involved can make you already exhausted before you even began! That’s why we all need to know those little secrets only people who spend a lot of time in the …

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Sparkling Glow-Worms Turn The Caves Into Starry Night

WATCH Sparkling Glow-Worms Turn a Gloomy Cave into Art What an incredible video this is of an illuminating natural phenomenon – New Zealand’s cave dwelling glow-worms – done with such amazing, painstaking skill and effort! This time-lapse video was created over many nights, so that we too can see the …

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