Tuesday , March 2 2021


12 Popular Magic Tricks You Can Try Yourself

Remember how amazed you were while seeing that famous magician walk on water? What if we told you that you can perform that trick too? Become a magician by learning the secrets of some of the most famous magic tricks in this video – from walking on water to flying …

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35 Surprising Things Your Body Can Actually Do

The human body is so unique and fascinating in so many ways. For example, did you know that some of your bones can absorb two or even three times your weight? Or that when you sleep your sense of smell basically deactivates at night? Learn more such amazing and strange …

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15 Magical Foods For Shiny White Teeth

Having beautiful white teeth is something many of us are after. If you feel that gleaming smile evades you, one of the ways to keep your teeth white and pristine is minding what you eat. From oranges to cauliflower, and even the amount of milk you drink per day, this …

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How To Make Your Corona Masks Fit Perfectly

Covid-19 masks are NOT fun. I don’t think anyone will claim that. However, even disregarding the heat and the smelling of your own breath, a lot of them simply don’t FIT all faces. Here are three nifty tricks to make sure your mask fits your face right, so you can …

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Feel The Beauty Of Autumn In New England

Sometimes, all we need to brighten up our day is some aesthetic pleasure, and it doesn’t get more beautiful than autumn in New England. This gorgeous video shows you how the Acadian forests of Vermont explode with a multitude of colors in fall, a sight countless tourists gather to admire …

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10 Famous Horror Films To Watch Before Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. It is that time of the year again where we love to snuggle under a blanket at night, enjoy the crisp air, and immerse ourselves in the world of scary movies. This is, after all, spooky season, isn’t it? Here, we have selected some …

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