Monday , June 24 2024


Winner Of The Bet Made Loser’s Hairstyle

Hansel Qiu’s extraordinary pineapple-inspired haircut is the result of of losing a bet to his cousin. The 20-year-old student at the University of Calgary in Canada explained how he ended with a fruit-shaved head: “Heres a bit more background on the bet, in the beginning of the school year as …

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‘Blackout’ Is A New Crazy Tattoo Trend

Have you ever been so drunk all you could think of was “I really need a Decepticon tattoo on my ass right freaking now”? I hope not, but in case that’s exactly what you did and now regret it with every single fiber of your soul (because, obviously, you’re more …

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10 Eye-Opening Facts You Must Know About Shorts

As the summer weather continues to get hotter on the planet and more and more people start wearing less and less, it’s high time we learned more about one of the most comfortable inventions that the humankind had ever made – let’s delve into the history and fun facts about …

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