Monday , October 21 2019


20 Photos That Were Clicked At The Right Time

Life is an adventure no matter what we’re doing, and all our epic tales need to be captured on camera. Despite having our cameras out and ready most of the time, taking the perfect candid shot can be an incredibly tough task. But sometimes, things click at the exact time …

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16 Breathtaking Photos Clicked By Weerapong Chaipuck

Asia, besides being the biggest and most populated continent, is a place of beauty and mystery with breathtaking landscapes and ancient traditions. Photographer Weerapong Chaipuck knows exactly how to bring out the best of this land, and it’s incredibly hard to believe he took up photography not long ago, following …

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16 Beautiful Flowers Captured Frozen In Ice

Natural beauty is unparalleled, but unfortunately, it is often very ephemeral and short-lived as well. Highlighting this bittersweet idea is the collaborative project by artist Tharien Smith and photographer Bruce Boyd titled ‘O ̊C’ that captures on film flower bouquets and collections of found objects cast in flat slabs of …

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20 Amazing Vintage Photos Of USA From 1950s

The 1950s were a golden era in US history, and for many, they were a time of prosperity and happiness. Below, you’ll find 20 rare photographs that were taken in this wonderful decade, many of which were picked up at auctions and yard sales. We can’t believe how much has …

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24 Most Amazing Photographs On The Internet

The internet is full of images, and – let’s be honest – most of them are pretty unmemorable. But not these! Each one of these 24 pictures is sure to surprise, stun, amaze or move you. A painted woman (really) Blood vessels in the head A protruding mammoth tusk in …

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The Perfect Puffin Portrait Captured

I Captured The Perfect Puffin Portrait, And I Can’t Get Over How Happy The Little Seabird Is About It A picture of a happy Puffin has gone viral on Instagram recently and has been shared with over 16 million people. After staying for 2 weeks on an island off the …

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