Thursday , July 16 2020

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The Best Kids Pranks Of The Year Compilation

Kids make for some of the best pranksters, and that’s even before we asked them to do these funny pranks and gags! So it goes without saying they had a lot of fun scaring, alarming or just perplexing these innocent victims. In the end, it all ends in smiles, from …

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Top 10 Extremely Terrifying Dishes From Around The World

The most horrible and terrible dishes from stomach rats to smoothie frogs and rotten fish. Many people just look or smell, such as Surstromming dishes that have vomiting, but these are traditional dishes of many countries around the world. Discover the 10 most horrifying dishes among them. 10. Mouse stomach …

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These Pets Are Always Hungry

If you have a pet then you probably know that once the food comes out, the begging starts… Even if you just fed them, you can be sure that they will still come sniffing and begging for that delicious human food. While many foods we eat are actually bad for …

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It Happens Only In Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world, with an overall surface that is larger than dwarf planet Pluto. In a country that large, you’re bound to see some oddities here and there, but there are things that you’ll only see in Russia as you can see in these hilarious …

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