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15 Scary Facts You Never Knew About

But… it’s worth it??? Watching TV for a steady 2 hours a day has been shown to shorten the average lifespan by approximately 2 years. Keep that thing away from me The venom of a Japanese Hornet is so potent that it can and will dissolve your flesh. It’s cold, …

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It Happens Only In Japan

“Long Walkway Covered In Semi-Transparent Umbrellas In Moominvalley Park, Saitama Prefecture, Japan”   “A Cafe In Japan Is Hiring Paralyzed People To Control Robot Servers In Order To Still Make An Income”   “Bus Drivers In Japan, Striking In Such A Way That People Don’t Suffer”   “Tree In Japan …

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It Happens Only In Canada

Just like any country in the world, Canada has its funny quirks. The harsh weather, the abundant wildlife, and the often excessive politeness of the people are just some of the things that foreigners usually find quite funny and special about this place. These cute and hilarious photos prove that …

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15 Cute And Funny Photos Of Kids Logic

As a parent, you learn very quickly that some of the things a child does – like taking a nap on a drawing of a pillow or sitting in a bucket of water next to an actual swimming pool – simply cannot be explained. As a grandparent, you then learn …

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12 Hilarious Things Car Mechanics Found On Their Job

If you think being a car mechanic is a monotonous job, we’re here to prove you wrong. It turns out that mechanics regularly spot all kinds of crazy things, from cute animals hiding in engines to cars in absolutely bizarre conditions. In fact, there is a whole online community dedicated …

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12 Most Awkward Family Photos to Make You Laugh

Let’s face it, more often than not family photos turn out awkward. Whether they were taken during your angsty teenage years or your days as a chubby unaware toddler, we all have some pictures buried deep in the family albums we hope no one will ever lay eyes on. Some …

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