Monday , May 20 2024


12 Toxic Thinking Patterns That Increase Stress

As Stanford neuroscience professor David Eagleman once wisely pointed out, “Consciousness is like a broom closet in the mansion of our brain.” This is to highlight that the vast majority of our thoughts are subconscious and unconscious. Unfortunately, some of the subconscious thinking patterns people have can be quite harmful. …

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10 Things No One Can Take Away From You In Life

Life is full of temporary things that can expire or be taken away, such as lost years, money, property, friends, and spouses. While it’s natural to feel bitterness towards these losses, it’s comforting to know that some things cannot be taken away from us and are within our control. By …

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20 Amazing Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

“I love young potatoes. When I need to peel one, I just use some metal mesh for frying pans.” “I rub a potato with it, and then move onto the next one.” “To clean a drain filled with hair, just leave cheap hair removal cream in it for 15 minutes.” …

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We Must Avoid These 17 Body Language Mistakes

In several famous studies by Dr. Albert Mehrabian, it was found that 7% of communication is verbal, 38% is vocal (sounds) and 55% is NON-VERBAL. That means that most of the signals we send to those we talk to involve no words, no sound, just our body language. Studies show …

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11 Daily-Life Things That Are Actually Harmful For You

Changing habits is not only possible but also necessary, at least this is what a study conducted by Veronica Irvin from Oregon State University says. Some habits have been with us for so long that we take them for granted. Because what’s wrong with using sunscreen or incense? But, as …

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Life-Changing Golden Rules To Abide By

We’re not born with a manual on how to live life, which forces us to learn lessons the hard way. Life can be hard, complicated, and confusing. You’ll never encounter two situations that are exactly the same, but we have to figure out the right way to react. That being …

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