Tuesday , June 19 2018


Why Do Women Bully Each Other At Work?

People often say women are women’s worst enemy and we’ve been wanting to change that statement for a while now. In the Indian context, this phrase is often used to define the long-lost saas-bahu debate, but guess what? It just doesn’t end there. This phrase holds true for not only …

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Top 10 Things Girls Keep In The Purse

No one ever tells what items a woman should always carry in her bag so as to be ready to face any small obstacles that come in your way to looking fantastic. It is not the brand new fuchsia pink lipstick or the waterproof mascara. It is something that helps …

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11 Habits That Are Actually Bad But Better For Something

Bad habits, believe it or not, can work wonders for you. While going overboard may eventually harm you, with controlled indulgence, even a bad habit can become a part of your healthy lifestyle. For example, what if you channeled your daydreaming energies towards brainstorming instead? See? Good can come from …

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20 Most Annoying Office Habits

Leaving desks untidy, loos unclean, flirting incessantly and conveniently forgetting about borrowed money. Here are 20 of the most annoying office habits that totally turn us off. Vote for the one that annoys you the most! Many of us spend more time in our offices than we spend at home. …

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The World Is Unfair To Left-Handed People

In this right-eous world, we lefties can’t help feeling left out. And with good reason. All the inventions in history have shown a bias towards us. I’m not complaining because I have learnt to work around things, but it’s just that it amuses me to no extent. Here are 17 …

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11 Signs That You Are Stuck In The Wrong Job

Work is taxing and the only way to get through it is to genuinely enjoy what you do. But what happens when your job is like a loveless marriage that’s going nowhere and gradually turns your life into a living nightmare? Here are some signs that you’re stuck in the …

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