Wednesday , August 22 2018


7 Everyday Things That Are Making You Age Faster

If following a healthier lifestyle, which includes reducing the amount you smoke, clocking in a sufficient amount of sleep, eating healthy, amidst a whole lot of other rules and regulations sounds like a daunting task (like it does for the most of us), we have news for you. While expensive …

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These 10 Things To Forget In Life While Growing Old

When we were kids, we were taught certain things that we believed, easily. As we grew up, we realised that half of those things weren’t even true and the other half, we probably forgot. But today is a different day and it’s time we factor in the useless life lessons …

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Why Being In Love With Self Is So Important

Of all the things we might have taught you on this platform, this is about to be the most important. If we were you, we’d take notes. We have a favourite quote that goes a little something like this ‘So many years of education yet no one ever taught us …

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We Wish We Knew These 13 Things In Our Teenage

As clumsy as we were as teenagers, we still thought we were the smartest and had it all sorted out. We assumed our decisions were best, and we ended up making some of the worst choices. But hey, we were allowed to. However, as we all grew up we realised …

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9 Things We Must Know About Deep Thinkers

Nobody is born a deep thinker, but as life happens, we evolve. Some of us are not all about thoughts, while others can do little else. However, a deep thinker can be many things other than what they are perceived to be. Here are some things deep thinkers would want …

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Why Do Women Bully Each Other At Work?

People often say women are women’s worst enemy and we’ve been wanting to change that statement for a while now. In the Indian context, this phrase is often used to define the long-lost saas-bahu debate, but guess what? It just doesn’t end there. This phrase holds true for not only …

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