Monday , January 27 2020

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Beautiful Interiors Of 50 Amazing Cars

We often see beautiful cars on the street and admire the engineering and design that went into these beasts of speed and luxury. But rarely do we get to see the view of the driver from inside the car, and what it actually looks like to sit inside one of …

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18 Most Beautiful Flower Fields In The World

I love flowers. There’s nothing I like more than seeing bright spring colors bloom in my garden, or a bunch of radiant roses on my window ledge. When you see them close up, an individual flower reveals innumerable intricacies and subtleties that attract and interest the eye. But what about …

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24 Most Amazing Reflection Photography

This beautiful series of photos turns our world upside down, showing us how beautiful the simplest reflections can be, adding a magical atmosphere to these already gorgeous photos. I can stare at these all day! Inception In New York Milan Reflected In A Tuba Prague In A Wine Glass Chicago …

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The Beautiful Desert Flowers Of Atacama

The Atacama Desert of Chile is infamous as one of the driest places on Earth. however, due to the higher than usual amount of winter rains related to the El Niño phenomenon, there is a colorful surprise: This desert will burst into a banquet of color and flower. This rare …

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25 Things That Happen Only In Dubai

Dubai is home to some of the wealthiest and most eccentric people in the world. It’s also not unheard of to spot a lion or tiger carpooling on the way to work… Here are a few things that might surprise a visitor.  

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My Love For Waterfalls Will Never End

I Like Stopping Time Every Time I Visit A Waterfall There’s something extraordinary about waterfalls. They’re beautiful to look at, relaxing to listen to and they’re super fun to photograph. Although these beauties of nature can please the naked eye substantially, I believe that their true beauty is revealed when …

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