Saturday , August 24 2019


25 Largest Insects Ever Found In World

We are in a constant battle to keep the bugs in the garden out of our homes. These bugs will make you triple your efforts. Scattered all across the globe, these insects are the largest, heaviest, or longest of their kind, with gloriously massive wings or even terrifying 1-inch stingers …

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This Is What Happens When Animals Behave Badly

Most of the time animals melt our hearts and fill our lives with love. Like humans they too have their moods and own sense of humor, sometimes to our detriment. Here are some examples of when animals are pure jerks, and boy do these instances make you laugh. “You’re missing …

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14 Animals That Look Cute In Hats

I can’t believe these animals look better in hats than I do. No justice in this world, but there ARE some adorable photos! Feast your eyes on some animal kingdom fashion at its best, as these animals of all shapes and sizes try on their best headwear. A beautiful kitty …

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The Actual Stories Behind The Names Of These 8 Dog Breeds

There’s a good reason we call dogs our best friends: they’re unerringly loyal, loving and they’ve been at our side for a long, long time (more than 10,000 years, but who’s counting?). They’ve come a long way since, splitting into numerous different breeds which look nothing alike, each with its …

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Cats Sleeping On Dogs In Funniest Pictures

A cozy, comfortable spot is all a cat truly desires. Perhaps they look for comfort in their little corner of the room. The couch may also seem rather tempting from time to time too. But, there may come a time where they’d need to improvise. While cats and dogs may …

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Adorable Dogs With Their Best Friends

While dogs may be man’s best friend, dogs’ best friends are undoubtedly other dogs, as these adorable pictures go to show. This treat of double and triple doggies shows pure animal love – and it’s going to make your day.

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