Monday , June 24 2024


15 Cute And Funny Photos Of Kids Logic

As a parent, you learn very quickly that some of the things a child does – like taking a nap on a drawing of a pillow or sitting in a bucket of water next to an actual swimming pool – simply cannot be explained. As a grandparent, you then learn …

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Smart Kids That Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Everybody is born with a heart, but these kids are born with extra big ones. Their optimism and generous natures don’t let circumstances stop them from showing kindness to people and animals. These are the people who are going to change the world, one act at a time. Their stories …

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44 Vintage Pictures Of Kids Playing

Childhood has almost always been an innocent time of exploration, adventure, and imagination. Though I sometimes wonder if today’s kids are missing out on all the great fun we used to have when we were young. Because they have so many amazing toys, cellphones, and video games, perhaps they actually …

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8 Home Items We Must Keep Away From Kids

While raising children can be one of the most joyous times in our lives, we have a primal urge to keep them safe and happy. However, there are a number of products that have been proven to increase the incidence of childhood injuries, and in some more dangerous cases, fatalities. …

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Funny Kids That Think They’re Animals

Kids are naturally wild at heart. While this can mean a hectic day of keeping them out of trouble and cleaning up after the havoc they wreak on your home, these kids take it to a much more adorable level. Whether they’re mirroring their puppy pals, tagging along with feline …

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Before Turning 2 Years Old, Kid Hiked More Than 483 Km

  The first time parents took Bodhi camping was when he was only 5-days-old. Later, Bodhi, a 27-year-old mother Shannon (pregnant with the 2nd child), and dad Blake travelled more than 483 kilometers. Boys were very fond of traveling together, routing paths in the mountains of California.  

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