Tuesday , August 21 2018


10 Ridiculously Cool Natural Phenomena

Brinicles When the surface of the sea freezes—such as around the north and south poles—it does so in a way that forces pockets of especially cold and salty seawater to gather on the underside of the ice. This mixture of brine is denser than the seawater below it, and as …

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Some Flowers That Look Like Something Else

The flower, as a reproductive organ, evolved with one primary purpose in mind – to attract pollinators like insects or birds. This function has driven their astounding evolutionary explosion of distinct colors and shapes, some of which have even come to resemble various recognizable figures, plants or animals. The colors …

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Some Birds Will Nest Just About Anywhere

  Birds need to nest. It is where they raise their young and find shelter. They can get quite creative about their choice of locations, however, and it can be quite surprising to see just how clever they can be when choosing a nesting place. Here are some of the …

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13 Erupting Volcanoes Way More Dangerous

It is said that erupting volcanoes are nature’s way of getting really angry. Scary, because volcanoes can have the most devastating effects on civilisation. Around 6,000 people were evacuated from southern Chile due to the recent Calbuco volcano. Yet, molten lava dripping from the tops of mountains make for some …

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