Monday , January 27 2020

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8 Ridiculous Things Banned In The USA

If you’ve ever visited the US, you know how their customs can be. Many people bring various souvenirs from their travels, only to get them confiscated at customs. So, not to be extremely disappointed, it would be wise to know which things you shouldn’t bring back to the US, before …

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The 19 Things Prove Australia Is The Craziest

Every time when you see news on the television or the internet about something ridiculous or nearly impossible, it’s bound to be from Australia. New species of deadly fish/spider/snake found? – Australia (‘Straya’). Fire tornados, streets melting from the heat, giant birds that can disembowel you in one bite? – …

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10 Of The World’s Weirdest Shops And Markets

Markets are perfect for catching a glimpse of the cultural side of the place you’re visiting. There you can taste unique local cuisine, hear all the rumors and buy anything your heart desires, be it fresh fish, funky smelling fruits, magic wands or even a monkey skull. Yes, there are …

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