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Top 7 Passenger Airplanes That Give The Best Flying Experience

When we’re getting ready to jet-set across the country or the globe, there are a number of important details we look at to ensure our trip is smooth, comfortable, and affordable. We select bargain hotels, rent cars at discounted rates, and select an airline that we have accumulated miles with. But one detail we often overlook is the plane itself that we will be boarding. It’s a seemingly small detail, right?

For anyone that isn’t an ardent aviation enthusiast, most airplanes seem to be the same; long cylindrical flying vehicles with pointed ends, and powerful wings and engines. However, being aware of which passenger airplanes are commercially successful can also keep you informed about which ones will give you the best flying experience. Sometimes you may find that it’s worth shelling out a little more money for a different airline with a plane that has more legroom, more light, or better air circulation on board.

On that note, for all the travelers and high fliers out there, here’s a list of the top 7 commercial passenger airplanes that you may want to look for the next time you’re heading out.

1. Airbus A220

Top 7 Passenger Airplanes That Give The Best Flying Experience

We’ll be starting off our list with a small but luxurious regional aircraft, the Airbus A220. With blue leather upholstered seats and large windows that fill the cabin with light, this small raft can comfortably seat approximately 100 (including 12 seats in first class).

Despite its small size, the A220 offers the same legroom as its larger counterparts like the A320 and Boeing 737. It also offers relatively quiet take-offs, and only a slight buzzing sound while in the air, making it great for frequent fliers who use their travel time to catch up on sleep.

Delta Airlines leads the charge on the use of the Airbus A220, followed by Lufthansa, AirBaltic, Korean Air, Egypt Air, and Air Canada. Air France and ALC are currently awaiting orders to be fulfilled for this aircraft.

2. Airbus A340-300

Top 7 Passenger Airplanes That Give The Best Flying Experience

For long-distance and overseas travel, you’re likely to find yourself sitting on one of these massive planes, or one of its older flights, the A340-500 and A340-600.

The Airbus A340 series as a whole gained popularity after its release in 1991 and a little over 200 A340-300’s have been sold and delivered. It is highly sought after for its wide cabin which can house nearly 300 passengers and its powerful engines, that allow it to travel over 6700 nautical miles (that’s approximately Oklahoma to Tibet).

It launched with two main customers, Air France and Lufthansa, and many A340’s with these planes remain operational. Swiss Airlines and Scandinavian Airlines also make use of this model of aircraft. It’s also a popular choice for private and government jets.

3. Boeing 777

Top 7 Passenger Airplanes That Give The Best Flying Experience

This wide-bodied aircraft is among the most successful in its size group. It was created as an upgraded and more efficient model of the Boeing 747 and 767. Over 2000 planes from the Boeing 777 series have been ordered by commercial airlines, the most popular variant being the Boeing 777-300ER, which holds nearly 400 passengers and can cover a distance of 7,300 nautical miles. It is the 5th sibling in this family of commercial vehicles.

The 300ER remains in competition with its predecessors, like the Boeing 777-200LR that currently holds the record for the longest non-stop commercial airline flight, as well as other major flights, like the Airbus A340 series. This aircraft is designed to be plusher and larger, to allow for more legroom. However, many of the 300ER’s currently in use are previously purchased models and therefore have older versions of in-flight entertainment systems.

2000 planes in the 777 family have been sold, 800 of which were for the 300ER, ordered by airlines in 45 different countries. Its twin-engine operating system provides it a fuel burn advantage that makes it highly cost-effective with the rising fuel prices. Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, and Air France are among the major buyers of this plane.

4. Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Top 7 Passenger Airplanes That Give The Best Flying Experience

While initial attempts to launch this aircraft into the market faced many obstacles, Boeing never gave up on their dream to create a wide-body long haul vehicle that was also lightweight. Three variants of this plane were designed, each longer than the last and holding 240, 280, and finally 300 passengers respectively.

The latest model, the Boeing 787-10, was released in 2017 and offers all the benefits of a modern plane, including wifi connectivity, in-built entertainment systems, and larger windows. However, for fliers that enjoy the view, the high-tech dimming windows of this flight allow the crew to control when you can look outside and when you can’t.

Though it is equipped with a 2 class cabin and in some models a 3 class cabin, it’s seat configuration is 3-3-3, making it a tight squeeze with a narrow walkway. While All Nippon Airways is the largest wholesale owner of these planes, American Airlines, United Airlines, Japan Airlines, and Air Canada, all follow closely.

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