Wednesday , April 24 2024

7 Stages OF Going On A Road Trip With Your Friends

Nothing can be more exciting than going on a road trip with your buddies. (After the plan actually materialises ahead of endless planning on whatsapp groups.)

From packing your clothes and shopping for some last minute supplies to booking the best hotel and making sure that the fuel tank of the designated car is completely full, we do everything we possibly can to make sure that our road trip goes perfectly.

But no matter how hard we try, things never go according to plan, as regardless of who we are and where we decide to go for our road trip, there are always a few stages that all of us will go through.

These seven stages are, for better or for worse, common to all such road trips and if you’ve gone on such trips before, you’d totally relate to them:

1. Making that perfect playlist which you’ll be listening to on loop.

Making the perfect playlist for your trip is actually the very first stage of going on a road trip. As you’ll be on the road for a decently long time, you’d really want to listen to some of your favorite songs on loop.

In fact, any trip (especially a road trip) is virtually incomplete without good music and so needless to say, making a playlist of such songs becomes vital.

2. Constantly stopping to click selfies.

Taking selfies and framing memories with your buddies is something that’s become mandatory in life. And when it’s during a road trip where you’re crossing gorgeous and scenic locations, hopping out of the car for a selfie with your friends is all you want to do.

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