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Plenty Of Things Wrong With Dating In Modern Times

Have you ever wondered what our generation will be remembered by in the decades to come?

My bet is on this: a generation that gave up on love. A generation that made dating disappear. And a generation that had all the means to stay in touch but just couldn’t commit.

Such a tragedy.

Plenty Of Things Wrong With Dating In Modern Times

Ask anyone who has been single for quite sometime but craves a stable relationship and they’ll give you a list of grievances about how dating in this era is so difficult. But besides it being difficult, dating in our generation is supremely painful. Consider this: one day you think you are hitting it off with a potential romantic interest only for them to ghost you the very next day. Then begins the vicious cycle of self-doubt and feeling miserable.

So for those of you who are single, these nine truths about modern dating that you will relate to.

1. Instant reply to a text is a crime.

Texting constantly can wreck your entire scene with another person because if you are replying instantly, you’re too available which makes the other person take you for granted. Ah, so wrong.

2. Refusing to make the relationship official.

You will go out with this person, introduce them to your friends and sometimes family, you will sleep with them, text them all day, include them in your life routine but still pretend that this this actually means nothing because the relationship was never made official. How shallow, to be honest.

Plenty Of Things Wrong With Dating In Modern Times

3. Courtship is dead.

Impressing or wooing someone you like and want to date is officially dead. If you aren’t impressed in a text or two then goodbye. No effort, no time to bond.

4. Bread crumbing is in play too.

Bread crumbing occurs when you meet someone you know you aren’t interested in but still keep them hanging. You won’t ghost them or reject them because then they won’t be in your life. You lead them on and keep this person interested so you always have them at your beck and call.

5. Taking ‘breaks’ is encouraged.

Most couples who have been dating for quite sometime have at least gone on break once or more. What happens during this break? One partner is usually upset and the other one goes and hooks up with other people. When that hook-up streak gets boring, this person comes running back to their significant other and begs to be taken back. Only to do this all over again.

Plenty Of Things Wrong With Dating In Modern Times

6. We can’t let go our past.

Time to get real – I swear dating in this generation is actually pointless because everyone is either stuck on their ex or broken from some old shit they can’t let get go of. Which means there is

7. Ghosting is NEVER going away.

Ghosting takes place when you have been talking to someone and then you suddenly stop talking to them without explaining why.

In this generation since our primary communication is via texting, it’s apparently socially acceptable to drop someone without a reason or explanation. Where do people get the courage to pull this off? If you don’t want to speak to someone then let them know. By ghosting you might be responsible for inflicting emotional and psychological damage on the person you do this to. Please be respectful and just don’t.

8. No one is genuine anymore.

You feel you’ll push him/her away if you get down to displaying your imperfect self, ever but you forget in the process that a lie can never be a base for a good relationship. You need to be genuine.

9. How you look is everything in this modern dating.

No surprises here- thanks to dating apps, a lot of emphasis has been put on how a person’s looks because you swipe right or left on a person depending on how good or bad they look. The result of this? Increase in gym memberships, spa appointments, uproar sales of beauty and make-up products and plastic surgeries. All of this gives rise to one ruling ideology: if you don’t look perfect, you aren’t worthy of love.

To anyone who has taken the plunge to date in 2019, our condolences are with you.

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