Saturday , January 16 2021

7 Stages OF Going On A Road Trip With Your Friends

3. Sitting back, listening to the songs in your playlist and taking that moment in.

Remember that playlist we mentioned that you create for your trip?

Well, this is where you sit back, relax and listen to the songs on it, all the while taking in the scenic locations you’re crossing or staring at the stars (provided you’re NOT the one whose driving) and living that moment to the fullest.

This will surely be one of the best stages of your trip because you end up finding ultimate happiness in little things.

4. Annoying each other to no end.

What’s the fun in a road trip if you don’t even annoy your friend who is driving, or click pictures of that one friend who is peeing on the road, or just irritate someone who is fast asleep?

After all, a road trip is about the memories that you make with your friends, ones that are to be remembered for life.

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