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10 Things No One Can Take Away From You In Life

Life is full of temporary things that can expire or be taken away, such as lost years, money, property, friends, and spouses. While it’s natural to feel bitterness towards these losses, it’s comforting to know that some things cannot be taken away from us and are within our control.

By reflecting on our childhood, we can recognize the buds of our spirit and essence that have accompanied us throughout our lives. It’s important to celebrate and acknowledge these things. Discover the ten things that cannot be taken away, even in moments of loss, such as your uniqueness.

10 Things No One Can Take Away From You In Life

1. Snowflakes

Snowflakes, we are one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable creatures. Although infinite in number, each of us possesses unique characteristics. In the Sanhedrin treatise, there is a perplexing statement that reads, “Each and every one must say, for me the world was created.” At first glance, this may appear to be egocentric and boastful. However, upon closer examination, we can appreciate the accountability and elegance that it conveys. If the world was created for us, then we have a duty to take responsibility for what happens in it. Part of this obligation is to live a life that is complete and fulfilling since everything on the planet was put here for us. When we comprehend the idea of individuality, we can see the enchantment in life, which also resides within us. We are deserving of happiness and success not because of what we own or do, but because of who we are – fragile, resilient, imperfect, and miraculous human beings.

2. Your Self-image

Many make the mistake of thinking that low self-esteem is evidence of modesty, but the truth is that it is a source of self-destruction. Our image comes, among other things, from adopting the critical eye of the environment on us, and it takes us a long time to learn how not to judge ourselves through the point of view of others towards us. If we turn because we all came to the world to discover our lives and their meaning and not to live the lives and dreams of others – we can feel the breadth and richness of the possibilities in the world. If you are busy thinking about what your parents expect from you, whether the boss appreciates you, and what the date from yesterday thought of you, this is understandable but unnecessary. In the end, it only takes you away from your naturalness. Remember that you should attract into your life those who will love and appreciate you in the most natural version and it does not rely on trying to please and adapt yourself to situations and people.

10 Things No One Can Take Away From You In Life

3. Your Intuition

In many deliberations we will go through in life, we are determined, confused, without direction, and afraid of making the wrong decisions. We may ask our relatives what we should do, what would suit us, and what is the “right” thing to choose. Many times after we decide, one way or another, we will discover that there was a tendency or a vague feeling in us that pulled us in a certain direction and we ignored it, and sometimes we will even notice in retrospect or in real-time the clues that pushed us to the choice we made. As we become more open and connected to ourselves, we will recognize the messages sent to us as signals of intuition, which come to connect us to the right path for us. Never compare your journey to that of others and try to behave like them. A Buddhist monk named Mathieu Ricard, who was declared the “happiest man in the world,” claimed that “human comparison with others is what kills happiness.” Remember that the answers to most of the problems are found within us and not in looking outside at other people.

4. Your Passion

The present is the ideal time to pursue your passion and engage in activities that hold personal significance. The process of identifying your passion may seem arduous and uninteresting, and you might even feel embarrassed to acknowledge it to yourself. However, if you permit yourself the freedom to live without negative self-criticism and societal and cultural limitations that dictate what you should do based on your age, status, or personality, you can explore your passions. Pursuing activities that bring you joy, contentment, and a sense of challenge indicates that you are tapping into your passions. Making a positive impact on your surroundings is an inevitable outcome of following your passions.

10 Things No One Can Take Away From You In Life

5. You As Aspiring Writers

Aspiring writers are often advised to begin their stories with a protagonist who faces obstacles or opposition, as overcoming hardship is a crucial part of personal development. While it is not recommended to actively seek out pain and suffering, life naturally presents us with difficulties that can be painful but also provide opportunities for growth, transformation, and a test of our courage and resilience. Our mistakes and troubles are not permanent, and if we maintain a determined and persistent attitude in the face of challenges and remain open to new possibilities, we will eventually find what we are searching for.

6. Your Attitude

One thing that cannot be taken away from an individual is the choice of their reaction toward what others say or do. Despite being unaware of it, everyone has the freedom to select their attitude in different circumstances. Opting for positivity should stem from the realization that while it may be difficult to find happiness within ourselves, it is impossible to discover it elsewhere. We are the source from which reactions spring, and the approach we take is our decision. While we may have valid complaints about how people have negatively impacted our lives, we still possess the freedom to choose our paths and reactions after overcoming life’s challenges.

10 Things No One Can Take Away From You In Life

7. Your Ability to Show Kindness and Love

The happiness and worth of our lives cannot be measured by the possessions we accumulate, but rather by the acts of kindness and generosity, we perform. These acts of giving need not be limited to our loved ones or entail any cost, as a simple smile or listening ear can embody the spirit of charity. Though many shy away from explicitly stating happiness as the goal of their lives, it is a realistic and attainable aspiration. This journey of spreading love and kindness is one in which we act both as consumers and business owners, gaining a sense of identity and fulfillment.

8. Your Hope

When questioned about what causes emotional distress, one might attribute it to the weight of responsibilities and challenges they carry. However, it’s not the burden itself but the way it’s handled that affects one’s emotional state. The main hindrance to achieving life goals is the level of motivation and determination one possesses. During tough times, the inner voice that whispers “perhaps” and “possible” is the voice of hope, a vital force that propels our existence, love, and future.

10 Things No One Can Take Away From You In Life

9. Your Knowledge and Experience

As we navigate life’s challenges and overcome obstacles, we gain the wisdom and experience that comes with time. Growth is not limited to a specific age. We can retain our youthful spirit by remaining open to change. Our past failures pave the way for our future success, as experience gives us insights and strength to act differently. It is important not to regret negative attempts, as they contribute to our growth. When mourning the end of love, remember that it plants the seeds for the next and better one. Ultimately, moving on is a choice that leads to personal growth.

10. The Choice to Keep Going

It is vital to avoid letting past mistakes and damaged relationships hinder your future progress. It is important to learn how to minimize the pain and negative impact caused by people or failures. One should learn from the experience, accept the loss, grieve, and then decide to move on. Forgiveness and reconciliation should be approached gradually and without fear. Forgiveness is not intended to justify injustice or pain; it is the key to our freedom and liberation. It does not rely on seeking forgiveness from the offending party. Moving on in life demonstrates our confidence in our ability to overcome, develop, and find happiness. The scars of our past will serve as reminders of where we have been but will not dictate the direction of our future.

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