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10 Things No One Can Take Away From You In Life

Life is full of temporary things that can expire or be taken away, such as lost years, money, property, friends, and spouses. While it’s natural to feel bitterness towards these losses, it’s comforting to know that some things cannot be taken away from us and are within our control. By …

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We Must Avoid These 17 Body Language Mistakes

In several famous studies by Dr. Albert Mehrabian, it was found that 7% of communication is verbal, 38% is vocal (sounds) and 55% is NON-VERBAL. That means that most of the signals we send to those we talk to involve no words, no sound, just our body language. Studies show …

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15 Facts That Prove Music Makes Your Life Better

Music is universal in the sense that everyone can understand it. People sway to good music even if they can’t understand the language of the lyrics. Most of us feel incomplete when we can’t listen to music during our commute to and from work. We often end up playing music …

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