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10 Things No One Can Take Away From You In Life

Life is full of temporary things that can expire or be taken away, such as lost years, money, property, friends, and spouses. While it’s natural to feel bitterness towards these losses, it’s comforting to know that some things cannot be taken away from us and are within our control. By …

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11 Heart-touching Love And Relationship Quotes

Love is one of life’s greatest blessings, and cherishing this precious gem of an emotion is equally important and challenging, no wonder some of the world’s greatest minds made a point in sharing their piece of mind regarding the art of love. We hope you’ll get inspired by this collection …

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7 Signs You Are Bored With Your Relationship

There is no exact recipe for a happy and great relationship. In fact, most relationships consist of two people coming together from different backgrounds and with different experiences for one reason: to make the said relationship work in a way that both partners are happy. For most couples relationships typically …

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