Sunday , January 29 2023

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15 Scary Facts You Never Knew About

But… it’s worth it??? Watching TV for a steady 2 hours a day has been shown to shorten the average lifespan by approximately 2 years. Keep that thing away from me The venom of a Japanese Hornet is so potent that it can and will dissolve your flesh. It’s cold, …

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25 Astonishing Facts You Must Know About

Today I learned a great deal of new things, many of which I hadn’t given much thought to. They certainly provided me with much knowledge and gave me something to ponder about. Today I learned where the expression ‘put a sock in it’ came from. I was surprised to discover …

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16 Astounding Facts From Around The World

Facts and figures have always interested me. Whether it be about countries, or people, the universe, or nature, there is always an interesting figure to provide me with more knowledge and with that, more power. Take a look at some of the most interesting numbers you’ll ever read:

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20 Amazing Facts To Raise Your Knowledge

Maintaining a healthy dose of curiosity about the world will sharpen your mind, making you happier, strengthening your relationships and improving your productivity. So, if you want to arm yourself with all sorts of fascinating facts and trivia take a look at these 20 incredible facts below: 1. Polar Bears …

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Your Body Does Not Lie About Who You Are

Scientists found out that redheads are the most sensitive to pain of all hair colors. On average, they need 20% more anesthesia during a surgery than their other color-headed counterparts. Studies have shown that people with asymmetrical faces tend to make better team leaders. Researchers have found that people with …

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10 Mind-Boggling Psychology Facts

Psychology, whether it’s your cup of tea or not, opens doors to interesting characteristics and traits about human beings and their minds. The facts below, will shed some light on how you view the world, and how better to understand people around you. Let’s take a look at 10 astounding …

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