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18 Iconic Moments In History Captured In Rare Historical Photos

Photography is the best way to record history and even though you can always read about it in books, there’s nothing like seeing it happen first hand. History books are for this reason packed with photos that show us some of the memorable moments recorded in history. They act like the window to our past and show us events that have continuously made us who we are. Below is a list of 18 rare and intriguing photos in history.

1. A foreskin away from death

During the ethnic cleansing of minorities in Islamic Bangladesh, young Bengali men were forced to remove their Lungis (Sarongs) at checkpoints. This was done in front of the elderly and womenfolk so as to check whether they were circumcised and thus Muslim. (The Hindus were not circumcised).

2. The first performance by the Beatles in South England.

The Beatles played at the Palais Ballroom, Aldershot, Hampshire in 1961. Only 18 people showed up for the rock ‘n’ roll show. One and a half years later, they became superstars.

3. 1950’s all biker gang

The East Bay Dragons of Oakland, California was started in the 1950s as a car club. It was under the leadership of Tobie Gene Lavingston. He was an associate of Sony Barger and a founding member of the California Hells Angels. His main goal was to make sure his younger brothers and friends stayed out of trouble. In 1959 the club switched to Harleys and Choppers and went on to become an ‘outlaw’ motorcycle club.

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