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The Historic Photos From Japan’s Meiji Era

I’ve always been fascinated with Japan and Japanese culture, so I was delighted when I came across these photos from the Meiji era, which someone took the time to painstakingly recolor by hand. The Meiji era was a time of great change for the Far Eastern country – the Imperial …

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The 4 Worst Airplanes Of All Times

The history of planes and aircraft, in general, is a short but complicated one. Since the Wright brothers invented and flew the first airplane in 1903, there were many stellar aircraft improvements that brought us the entire airline industry as we know it today. But even the airline industry has …

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13 Mysterious Abandoned Places Around The World

There is a certain fascination that comes with abandoned buildings. After all, every deserted place has a history. You may ask yourself questions like ‘What did this place look like in its heyday?’ or ‘Who were the people that called this place home?’ The sense of mystery is only heightened …

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6 Ancient Cultures And Civilizations Lost Long Time Ago

Ancient civilizations have always fascinated humans. And why shouldn’t they? We have learned so much about human evolution by studying the intricacies of the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Romans, and Mayans, among a host of other cultures. Learning about these ancient civilizations and their cultures also gives us plenty of …

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5 Distinguished Doctors That Changed The World

As the deadly novel coronavirus continues to spread across the world, the importance of doctors has once again come into the spotlight, and rightly so. Even at this very moment, innumerable doctors are putting themselves at risk all through the day in different parts of the world to help treat …

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6 Of These Ancient Ruins Are Truly Remarkable

The world is filled with cities rich in intriguing history. Cities like Athens, Rome, and Paris are known for their fascinating ancient ruins that provide a captivating gateway into their past. You might know of quite a few popular cities around the world having magnificent ancient ruins, like the Pompeii …

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