Monday , July 22 2019

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These 14 Nature Photos Are Truly Incredible

If you’ve never seen an animal that can photosynthesize, or you didn’t know what an albino turtle looks like, then you have stumbled on the right page. Take a look at these rare photos from the internet: What seems like a marshy forest is actually a sediment from this chemical …

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Fantastic Artworks That Mix Photography And Fantasy

Zulkarnain Ismail is a Malaysian digital artist whose artworks are on the verge of realistic photography and fantasy. Whatever his style really is, we can tell for sure that his artwork is absolutely captivating. We at BabaMail love the way he took a playful and imaginative twist on nature and …

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Meet These Lovely Monorail Cats

Have you ever heard of monorail cats? If not, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise, since you’ll find a lot of beautiful examples as you scroll down this page. Monorail cats are basically cats that love to hang out on and run along railings, branches, and other narrow platforms, …

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Photographing A Mice Living In A Garden

Man Discovers A Family Of Mice Living In His Garden, Builds Them A Miniature Village Recently, photographer Simon Dell stumbled upon a family of mice running around his garden. Instead of reaching for the traps, however, he took out his tools. Dell built the mice a miniature village and they …

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My Love For Waterfalls Will Never End

I Like Stopping Time Every Time I Visit A Waterfall There’s something extraordinary about waterfalls. They’re beautiful to look at, relaxing to listen to and they’re super fun to photograph. Although these beauties of nature can please the naked eye substantially, I believe that their true beauty is revealed when …

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Boone The Teddy Bear Spreading the Smiles

About a year ago, I saw an ad for Costco’s giant 93 inch teddy bear and knew I had to buy it for my girlfriend. After purchasing it and playing with it for a while I had the idea to create an instagram page for the bear, to document our …

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