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Top 10 Extremely Terrifying Dishes From Around The World

The most horrible and terrible dishes from stomach rats to smoothie frogs and rotten fish. Many people just look or smell, such as Surstromming dishes that have vomiting, but these are traditional dishes of many countries around the world. Discover the 10 most horrifying dishes among them.

10. Mouse stomach – China

Emily Feld Shoots For LYUN Magazine's February 2020 Issue

The mice were pulled from their mothers’ bellies and dropped into a pot of seasoned water. Then, leisurely diners enjoy. This dish is favored by rumors that can improve the performance of “bed mats”.

9. Fresh frog smoothie – Peru

Emily Feld Shoots For LYUN Magazine's February 2020 Issue

People in the mountains of Arequipa, Peru for many years have maintained the habit of drinking fresh frog smoothies to promote health. Although it has not been proven by scientists, locals believe that fresh frog meat helps them to be resistant to all diseases. Even people do not use modern drugs.

How to prepare this unique fresh frog smoothie is pretty scary. The processor must choose frogs caught at the famous Lake Titicaca. They are kept in glass tanks until customers choose. After that, the fresh frog is peeled off and mixed with many different ingredients when put in the blender. To reduce the fishy smell, processors process ingredients such as aloe vera, honey, Adean root and wine to make a smoothie.

8. Cheese maggot – Italian

Emily Feld Shoots For LYUN Magazine's February 2020 Issue

Besides the famous glass capuchino all over the world, the Italian casu marzu in Italian boots will make you more or less surprised.. This is a traditional Sardinian cheese, certainly not for the faint of heart. To make this casu marzu, the people here have to make the famous Pecorino cheese first and ferment it with Piophila flies.

7. Boodog – Mongolia

Emily Feld Shoots For LYUN Magazine's February 2020 Issue

A female Piophila fly can lay over 500 eggs. So, when eating this type of casu marzu, diners still see the fly-maggot larvae crawling with thousands. With the most gruesome way of processing in the world, Mongolian Boodog brings an image of compassion and compassion. They make this dish by removing the bones and intestines of a cow or sheep through the throat.

6. Shiokara – Japan

Emily Feld Shoots For LYUN Magazine's February 2020 Issue

Shiokara fermented organs and intestine is a Japanese food, the main ingredient of all fish including the gut, mixed with 10% salt and 30% rice flour and brewed. in a sealed container for 1 month. Nowadays, because many people are afraid of fish intestine, Shiokara is replaced by other ingredients such as raw fish, cuttlefish ..

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