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Top 10 Extremely Terrifying Dishes From Around The World

The most horrible and terrible dishes from stomach rats to smoothie frogs and rotten fish. Many people just look or smell, such as Surstromming dishes that have vomiting, but these are traditional dishes of many countries around the world. Discover the 10 most horrifying dishes among them. 10. Mouse stomach …

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Grandmothers With Their Traditional Dishes

Our grandmothers are the world’s best cooks, hands down. On a recent trip around the world, Italian artist and photographer Gabriele Galimberti sought out to capture the beauty of the world’s grandmothers along side their traditional dishes and the ingredients that make them. The results were a set of beautiful …

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The 21 Most Expensive Food Dishes Around The World

Some people in the world are fond of food and wanted to eat the best and luxurious dishes. These most expensive food dishes are made with perfect ingredients and further its decoration is done with the expensive materials that increased its price. The following are top 21 list of most …

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