Monday , June 24 2024

8 Celebs Who Look Totally Different From When They Were Kids

Celebrities pride themselves on how they look, and if they weren’t that attractive during their childhood, they either never want those old pics to reappear, or they love telling the world how much better they look now than then. So to put that point to the test, here are eight famous people who don’t look anything like they did when they were young and clueless about how well-known they would become.

1. Keshia Knight Pulliam

The adorable ‘Rudy’ from “The Cosby Show” stole every scene she was in and made everyone go ‘awww’ when she showed up on screen. But the actress who played Rudy has blossomed into a stunning young woman who looks nothing like she did when she was stealing audience’s hearts. Pulliam should be proud about how she’s turned out and she’s continued to appear in movies and TV shows, though she’s had no comment about the accusations facing her TV dad, Bill Cosby.

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