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The Best Kids Pranks Of The Year Compilation

Kids make for some of the best pranksters, and that’s even before we asked them to do these funny pranks and gags! So it goes without saying they had a lot of fun scaring, alarming or just perplexing these innocent victims. In the end, it all ends in smiles, from …

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How Animal Kids Annoy Their Funny Parents

Being a parent is a wonderful experience, but every parent knows, from time to time it can be a little bit overwhelming… and that’s OK. No need to be upset and think you’re a bad parent if you need some personal space, or if you feel like you reacted too …

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How To Treat The 7 Types Of Cough Problems In Kids

Children tend to catch colds more than once a year, and these colds are oftentimes accompanied by diarrhea, fever, weakness and, of course, a bothersome cough that makes it difficult for them to fall asleep and sometimes cause severe pain. This is mostly due to viruses, and although a cough …

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Parents And Kids Pictures At The Same Age

Have you ever looked at an old photo of your mom or dad and felt like you were basically looking in a mirror? Or maybe you suddenly saw yourself at that age in your son or daughter one day? These examples of parent and child lookalikes prove that heredity is …

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