Monday , July 15 2024


Morocco Has Some Unbelievable Sights to See

When I visited Morocco I was totally shocked by the beauty of the country, but also it’s unique character. The country has sensational coastlines, sandy deserts, snowy peaks, charming colorful towns, fascinating bustling bazaars, delightful wildlife and a whole load else beside. Join me as I share with you some …

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This Bra Fence Spurred Some Controversy

One night between Christmas and New Year’s back in 1999, four women returning from a party (in high spirits and silly moods, no doubt) decided to leave a little “present” for drivers on the side of the road. That was, at least, the hypothesis put forth when four bras were …

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The Grand Canyon Of Central Asia

Charyn Canyon: The Grand Canyon of Central Asia Tucked away between the Ketmen and Ulken-Bogut mountain ridges in the southeast corner of Kazakhstan, close to the border with China, lies the “Grand Canyon of Central Asia” —an impressive gorge about 90 kilometers long carved by the fast-flowing Charyn river (also …

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