Wednesday , August 17 2022

11 Reasons The Best Travel Happens In The Off-Season

Having a smooth trip where everything goes according to plan can be nice but shouldn’t there be something different in your travels? I mean, what stories are you going tell back home? I had the most perfect trip ever, and that’s it? Wouldn’t it be great if you had travel stories to tell of your own?
Even though India holds an abundance of natural scenery, the all-pervasive tourist crowd, and bad planning makes it hard to enjoy beautiful places. In order to avoid this, you should travel in the off-season. Not only will it be a pocket-friendly option, it’ll also be an awesome experience! Read on to know why.

1. You get to see what few have seen before.

Off-season is the time for some really amazing experiences that few may have seen before. For example, most tourists land up in the forests of Kanha during winter since that’s the time the weather is pleasant, but end up just circling around in forest jeeps since most of the wildlife stays snuggled in during winters. Wildlife enthusiasts will tell you the best time to really visit Kanha are the summers. Kanha summers can be cruel, with scorching heat and a dry wind but this is the time to spot some incredible scenes, since this is the time for the animals to come out in search of water. In fact, a friend visited Kanha recently and even witnessed a tiger jump high on a tree in pursuit of a langoor!

2. Accommodation comes at dirt cheap prices.

This possibly can be the best thing about traveling during the off-season. Accommodation comes so cheap, a traveller can live in luxury during this time. Hotels and resorts slash their prices to almost half compared to peak season charges, and if you are good at bargaining, you have an added advantage. Off-season is the best time to try out hotels that you normally wouldn’t afford. Sometimes, even 4-star, 5-star hotels in areas like Shimla and Rajasthan offer amazing deals during the off-season.

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