Sunday , February 23 2020


4600ft Glass Walkway Opens In China

Terrifying 4,600ft Glass Walkway Opens In China, And Just Looking At The Pics Will Give You Vertigo If you’re scared of heights then you might want to look away now, because this walkway in China is your worst nightmare come true. The fact that it’s attached 4,600ft (1,403 metres) up …

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Top Reasons To Visit Lakshadweep Islands

If stunning surroundings and idyllic privacy are what you are looking for in a beach holiday, then Lakshadweep Island are the perfect island hideaway for you ! The dazzlingly beautiful coral archipelago of Lakshadweep is one of the most secluded beach destinations in India. Covered by a carpet of lush …

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World’s First Hotel With A Rainforest

World’s first hotel with a RAINFOREST: Dubai’s new £230million towers will have a man-made jungle, artificial beach and stunning ‘sky pool’ Rosemont Hotel Residences is set to open in 2018, with Hilton Worldwide managing the hotel Man-made rainforest will be located inside a five-storey podium at the base of two …

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World’s 20 Most Scenic Airport Runways

A bird-eye view is a mesmerizing experience, and if you’re flying to an airport with breathtaking approaches, it just doubles the fun. Here are some of the best runways in the world. Photo: David Becker/AP Photo Flight times vary at this unique beach runway according to the tides. The runway …

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10 Island Cities That Float Like Boats

Most cities these days are so large and endless that they blend into each other, so that you can’t be sure whether you are still in the city or not. But with these amazing island cities, that can never be the case, given that they are naturally ringed by lakes …

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15 Gorgeous Lagoons Around The World

It’s now the hottest time of year, when your sticky body yearns for a cool dip in the crystal clear blue waters of a sunny drenched lagoon. As you look at these extravagant photographs you will be able to picture yourself relaxing in these natural wonders. Here I am sharing …

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