Friday , August 12 2022

Morocco Has Some Unbelievable Sights to See

When I visited Morocco I was totally shocked by the beauty of the country, but also it’s unique character. The country has sensational coastlines, sandy deserts, snowy peaks, charming colorful towns, fascinating bustling bazaars, delightful wildlife and a whole load else beside. Join me as I share with you some of my favorite places in this great North African country. A few of these places I actually missed, but I realize that now I have a great reason to return. Morocco is so amazing, you can’t do it all in one trip. These great pictures will inspire you to visit someday too, I hope!

1. A camel caravan in the desert

Who wouldn’t want to ride a camel through these sandy deserts? Well they say it is somewhat uncomfortable, but I would still like to do it someday.

2. Cheeky goats climb an argan tree

Have you ever seen a cuter bunch of goats than this lot? Curiously, the goats eat the fruit of these argan trees, and locals gather their waste to make argan oil.

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