Wednesday , September 29 2021

9 Crazy Jobs That Could Actually Exist In The Future

Looking at the world, and how ridiculous it is at times, a lot of new job profiles and career opportunities seem to be looming on the horizon. Following the latest trends, we won’t be surprised if people started applying for the following roles.

1. Selfie Stylists

So what if you hate selfies? There are many who keep clicking and posting them. The photo trend will generate a new profession called ‘selfie stylist’ where celebs and people who want beautiful selfies will hire these guys at the cost of their regular stylist. What? You said it’s a waste of money? Well, not if you’re a celeb.

2. Comment Deleters

The internet is a nasty place where trolls and foul-mouthed commentators just ruin a post for you. Step in ‘comment deleters’ who’ll press the delete button and will make this world a better place.

3. Restaurant Food Photographers

You won’t have to ask the waiter to click your food and family pictures at the restaurant, because there will be another person who will be appointed to do that job. And guess what? He will charge you for it!

4. Recycling Experts

There will be a massive need for recycling things and a recycling expert will make sure you recycle the waste and keep the environment clean.

5. Local Train Seat Holders

“I wish I had a person who would run and catch a seat for me everyday”, wishes every Mumbaikar who travels on the trains. A train seat holder will quickly jump on your regular local and catch a seat for you. You can slowly get in and sit, and the holder might alight at the next station. They might charge ten times of what your train pass costs, but hey, it’s worth it!

6. WhatsApp Group Managers

Too many groups and just two hands! A WhatsApp group manager will be hired to take care of it. Only meaningful messages will reach you, and the group manager will filter out all the lousy forwards. Such a life saviour!

7. Ebook Creators

Ebook creators will be in demand as ebooks will become a main source of information in the near future.

8. Story Scientists

A story scientist will investigate the virality of a story on digital media and will determine ways to make stories more shareable.

9. Virtual Secret Keepers

Remember the operating system in the movie Her starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johannson? Well, somewhat like that. A virtual secret keeper will be your new 3AM friend who will listen to you and will keep your dirty secrets with them. You won’t be needing friends now, because your OS will be your new best friend!


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