Wednesday , November 21 2018

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14 Funny Animals To Make Your Smile Today

Sometimes we have a hard day or even a difficult time, and we seem to have no strength or desire to do anything. However, I have a secret remedy for such times that always works. These 14 cute animals will put a smile on your face no matter what your …

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These 20 Cats That Take Better Selfies Than You

The word ‘selfie’ has become popular in recent years, which implies taking photos of oneself. However, this trend is not just limited to humans – it seems like our pets have picked up on the trend too. Below are 20 cats who are trying to figure out their best angles, …

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12 Photos That Show The Silly Side Of Humanity

There are some things in life that really do defy any explanation, such as placing a ‘Wet Floor’ sign in a fountain or having to warn people that a fire is actually hot… Here are 12 photos that really capture the silly side of humanity! 1. That’s news to me! …

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Funny Kids That Think They’re Animals

Kids are naturally wild at heart. While this can mean a hectic day of keeping them out of trouble and cleaning up after the havoc they wreak on your home, these kids take it to a much more adorable level. Whether they’re mirroring their puppy pals, tagging along with feline …

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9 Crazy Jobs That Could Actually Exist In The Future

Looking at the world, and how ridiculous it is at times, a lot of new job profiles and career opportunities seem to be looming on the horizon. Following the latest trends, we won’t be surprised if people started applying for the following roles. 1. Selfie Stylists So what if you …

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