Tuesday , August 21 2018

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Uneatable Things That Looks Like Yummy Food

Please stop reading this if you’re hungry, otherwise you’ll need a bucket for your drool. Still here? Okay, I warned you… You know, it’s currently lunch time, and I’ve decided to skip it to write this piece. Man, that was not a good idea. I’m already salivating like a hungry …

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11 Different Names For Your Favourite Pani Puri

Whoa! You did NOT know these. Oh, and by the by, we are not to be held responsible for all the hunger pangs that’ll assail you after reading this. 1. Pani Puri The most obvious one, this is the most popular name in most parts of India and the world. …

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14 Reasons Cheese Is The Best Food On Earth

Believe it or not, this is the stuff happiness is made of! 1. Only cheese can turn a bad day into a good one. 2. It is also the best drunk food. 3. Because nachos go best with a yummilicious cheese dip. 4. It is also the best source of …

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Go-To Guide To Making Healthy And Tasty Sandwiches!

Like most foods, sandwiches can go either way – they can be super-healthy and nutritious, making for an entire balanced meal by themselves, or they can be unhealthy and loaded with calories. If you do them right, you can eat them for just about any meal and even carry them …

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McDonald’s Country Special Dishes You Must Try Out

McDonald’s Country Special Dishes! Spain — Gazpacho soup Spanish McDonald’s serve a traditional gazpacho soup in plastic cups or even small bottles. Neighboring Portugal offers at least five types of soups in cups. The inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula are among the most avid soup lovers. France — Croque McDo …

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