Saturday , September 18 2021

Uneatable Things That Looks Like Yummy Food

Please stop reading this if you’re hungry, otherwise you’ll need a bucket for your drool. Still here? Okay, I warned you… You know, it’s currently lunch time, and I’ve decided to skip it to write this piece. Man, that was not a good idea. I’m already salivating like a hungry hungry hippo, just looking at stones, trees, and poisonous mushrooms.

Either way, if you’ve ever been so hungry you started seeing marshmallows on the sky, and bacon in rocks – this gallery will definitely make you relate. Here are 15 pics of inedible stuff that looks like delicious food. Bon appetit!

1. Is this a golf ball, or is this a piece of ham? There’s only one way to find out – lick it good!

2. Snow plus desert apparently equals tiramisu. Yeah, that’s just sand-covered snow in the Algerian desert.

3. I’ve never seen such an uncanny likeness! These puppies better stay away from hungry people…

4. Chocolate-covered mushroom? Suspicious… but, screw it, we only live once!

5. Holy ham, that’s a perfect bacon rock!

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