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Essential Vitamins You Should Take After 40

By the time we hit our 40s, our body starts to change. Muscle mass starts to deteriorate, the likelihood of putting on weight increases, the onset of menopause is nigh, and the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes begin to increase. And while it is always …

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How To Eat Healthier This Summer

No real surprise here, but you should aim to fill half your plate with fruits and greens at every meal. If you’re struggling on how to incorporate them, check out a few ideas RIGHT HERE. Drink a lot of water There are a surprising amount of perks to consuming enough …

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23 Healthy Foods To Lower Cholesterol

High Cholesterol has affected umpteen number of people. Various researches proved that high Cholesterol can be treated by incorporation of healthy food supplements in the diet. Some recent reports of The National Institute of Nutrition recommends that every individual should consume at-least 300 grams of Vegetables (50 gm of green …

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Top 8 Home Remedies To Lose Stomach Fat Naturally

All the late night binges and haphazard eating habits do give you something in return- a larger belly and stubborn fat that refuses to go away despite all the crunches and leg raises. So what do you do? Give up on your dream of getting a flatter belly? Absolutely not! …

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