Monday , April 15 2024

Top 8 Home Remedies To Lose Stomach Fat Naturally

All the late night binges and haphazard eating habits do give you something in return- a larger belly and stubborn fat that refuses to go away despite all the crunches and leg raises. So what do you do? Give up on your dream of getting a flatter belly? Absolutely not! Read on to know more about these top 8 home remedies to lose stomach fat naturally. Integrate these remedies into your lifestyle to lose that stubborn stomach fat naturally.


First things first. Begin your day with a glass of lemon juice to get a flatter stomach. Mix the juice of one lemon to a glass of warm water and drink away to a fitter you. Lemon works as a detoxification agent and improves your digestion. It reinforces your liver to melt the fat around your waist.


Cranberries are rich in digestive enzymes and organic acids such as citric acid, malic acid and quinic acid. They act as emulsifiers on fat deposits in the lymphatic system. So basically, cranberry juice helps you with a better digestion by working on stubborn fat. Drink about 1 cup of un-sweetened cranberry juice in the morning after breakfast or in the evening.

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