Saturday , December 4 2021

23 Healthy Foods To Lower Cholesterol

High Cholesterol has affected umpteen number of people. Various researches proved that high Cholesterol can be treated by incorporation of healthy food supplements in the diet. Some recent reports of The National Institute of Nutrition recommends that every individual should consume at-least 300 grams of Vegetables (50 gm of green leafy vegetable, 200gms of other vegetables and 50 gms of root vegetables) and 100 grams of fruits in daily routine. Here is the list of 23 superfoods that fights this big monstrous health issue.

1. Beans, Peas and lentils helps in lowering Cholesterol

Beans, peas and lentils are rich source of soluble fibre which helps in lowering Cholesterol. Beans and pulses are high in both protein and fibre but low in fat content. Moreover, beans also contain lecithin which is a nutrient and also helps in reducing Cholesterol.

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