Wednesday , April 24 2024

How To Eat Healthier This Summer

No real surprise here, but you should aim to fill half your plate with fruits and greens at every meal. If you’re struggling on how to incorporate them, check out a few ideas RIGHT HERE.

Drink a lot of water

There are a surprising amount of perks to consuming enough water. Water helps you feel full (so you’ll snack less), it helps keep your skin clear, it also helps fight fatigue. The hardest part is actually remembering to drink it early and often.

Seek out delicious combinations

A healthy combination can pack a powerful & healthy punch, so try and find a few foods you enjoy and pair them. According to Danielle Omar, a registered dietician, the ideal snack is either ‘protein and produce’ or ‘protein and carbs’. Try options like watermelon, feta, and spinach and sliced avocado with cherry tomatoes together. Carbs alone process into sugar too quickly and don’t always get burnt off.

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