Wednesday , April 24 2024

8 Traits That Will Make Your Guy Want You Forever

Being ‘his girl’ his easy, but being the one forever requires you to put in a little extra efforts. It is not your face or your booty that is going to do the charm, rather the unique attributes of you and an established emotional connection that would make him stay with you no matter what.

Let us accept that physical beauty dies down after a point of time but a relationship is much more than a face, isn’t it?

In fact the beauty in love is the ability to see beyond.

1. Chill the heck out!

We get it, that you love him so much but he likes spending time with his guy friends too. Hence, give him space. trust us, he would want to let you go.

2. Enjoy yourself first!

he is busy with his job; stop cribbing about the fact that he isn’t taking you out on lunch. Stop leaning on him all the time because honey, you got to learn how to be on your own.

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