Wednesday , April 24 2024

8 Signs She Is Waiting For You To Make The First Move

She loves me… she loves me not? Since when did men start doing that? You might be confused about her feelings for you but unless and until you confess your love for her, you’ll never know. Struggling with assignments in college, lectures and day dreaming about how to make the first move, here are signs that will tell you that she wants you and wants you bad!


1. She Decks Up Every Time You Make A Plan To Meet Her



After announcing it to the whole world that she is going out with you for coffee after college, she picks out the hottest outfit to woo you. You will notice that she makes an extra effort to dress up when she is meeting you.

2. She Plays With Her Hair A Lot



Her body language will always tell you what she wants and what she doesn’t. When she flips her hair too much and tries to get closer to you, you should know that she is interested in you and wants you to make the next move.

3. She Makes Eye Contact For Long


The fact that she is going out with you and enjoys being with you proves a lot. Women in most cases avoid and ignore meeting people who they are not interested in. So if you notice repeated eye contact coupled with smiling and nodding to everything that you say, you’ll know that she has a thing for you. Maintaining eye contact for longer periods also suggests that there is a connection between you two.

4. She Insists On Going To A Quieter Place



When she insists on going to a quieter place, you should know that she is extremely comfortable with you. By quieter, she could mean that she wants to go to a romantic place where both of you could talk and look into each others eyes!

5. She Touches You On Purpose



When she finds reasons to touch you – intentionally or unintentionally, you should know that she wants things to move ahead.

6. She Laughs At Your Jokes Even When They Are Not Funny



You do know that your jokes aren’t that funny. While you are sitting in the college cafeteria with your friends, this girl would be the only one to laugh on your jokes! So here’s your clue! Take your relationship to the next level because she wants to be with you. Leading her or following her is completely your choice.

7. She Gets Jealous When You Show Interest In Other Girls



Even the mention of another girl in your life makes her uneasy. She doesn’t want you to be associated with anyone except her.

8. She Asks You To Drop Her Home



Now she can’t get more obvious than this! She has made space for you in her world and wants you to be a part of her life.

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