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8 Signs Of People Who Aren’t Ready For A Real Relationship

You either want to be in a relationship or you don’t, but some people just can’t wrap their head around this concept. This obviously isn’t fair to the person they’re with.

It’s ok to not want a committed relationship, as long as both the people understand the casualness of it rather than letting the other one in a state of emotional despair.

So this article is for all those who might be stuck in a dead-end relationship and are clueless about it.

Watch out for these signs, cut your losses and get out before it’s too late.

1. They pick on stupid reasons to start a fight.

It might be something as small as you turning up 10 minutes late, and they will turn it into something much bigger and make you feel immensely guilty about it.

They subconsciously want a way out of this relationship and think if they pick fights often enough, you will eventually just give in.

2. They don’t want to mingle with your friends or your family.

Every time you invite them out with your friends or family, they’re conveniently busy. Even when you talk aboit it to them, they are plain uninterested.

They don’t want to form deep ties with the people in your life because they simply don’t plan to stick around for long enough.

3. They refrain from talking about the future of the relationship with you.

Whenever you try to ask questions like where this relationship is heading at, they conveniently ignore it by asking you to quit worrying about the future and start ‘living in the moment’.

They’re afraid to label your relationship and be tied down.

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