Friday , April 19 2024

7 Reasons Why Girls Fall For Sarcastic Guys With A Sense Of Humor

One thing that all girls look for a guy is a good sense of humor. Dating a wisecracker not only gets you laughing all the time but also makes your life a lot less dramatic and stressful. So for all those women out there who have had the privilege to date a guy with an amazing sense of humor will relate to the seven reasons listed below :

1. He never fails to crack you up.

You can never have a bad day for dating a guy with a great sense of humor can turn around a bad day at work or a bad hair day or a fight with your bestie on its head. You will find yourself having a great time whenever he is around and he will inevitably make you laugh all the time.

2. He is the life of a party.

Owing to his wit and charisma, he is the one who earns the popularity vote at any social event. Parties usually pick up pace with him for he knows how to get a party started and never fails to be the star of the night.

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