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7 Questions All Girls Desperately Want To Ask A Guy On Their First Date

Are you about to meet the guy you have been long crushing on but don’t know how to break the ice?

Nothing is more nerve-wrecking than a first date with someone you hardly know. While first dates are a starter for an actual relationship, they are also mini- interviews which give you a bit of an insight into the person that he is.

So, for all those having a tough time dealing with what to ask a guy on a first date, here are a few interesting questions you might want to have a look at:

1. “Are you commitment phobic?”

In today’s day and age, when people are constantly falling in and out of love and their level of commitment is almost scary, this question will highlight his level of commitment and loyalty towards his woman which is an important attribute in a person.

It will also give you a peek-a-boo into the kind of man he is and if he is someone who will run for the hills when relationships get difficult or does he believe in sticking by no matter how tough the time gets.

2. “What is that one achievement that you are most proud of?”

This will give you an insight into his accomplishments, his willpower and his determination towards the goals that he dreams of achieving in his life. And how serious he is about achieving them.

3. “Are you a foodie?”

This question will throw light on your shared food interests, places where you both like to eat, the cuisines that you enjoy and also lets you know if you can adapt to his eating habits.

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