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12 Fights All Healthy Couples Should Have

Fights are an inevitable part of every relationship. But we’re not talking about the silly fights couples have just for the hell of it. We’re referring to those fights and squabbles that bring you and your partner closer to each other, the ones that are actually good for your relationship. Can you imagine a relationship without conflicts? It’ll be so painstakingly dull! Regardless, studies have proved that couples who fight a lot also love each other a lot. So as long as your fights are not out of line, it’s perfectly normal.

Read on as we try and understand the most common disagreements between couples that are alright to have.

1. The argument over going or not going to a particular party.

You’ll say you are tired and you don’t want to go. She’ll still want to go so she’ll threaten to go alone. Easy? You will both be sitting in the car, in terrible moods, getting ready for the party. If you both end up together at the end of the night, you are doing it right.

2. Deciding whether to watch ‘Message In A Bottle’ or a game of football.

In the process, neither of you are watching a romantic movie, and nor are you settling on the match. Best way to exit the doldrums? Choose something both of you can do with at the moment! It’s a win-win.

3. The eternal debate about who loves the other more.

There is no way you can measure love. It’s only your insecurities and your selfless love for your partner that makes you question their feelings. There’s nothing abnormal about it, but just know that the fact that you guys are together and are willing to make things work is what matters.

4. The turn-off-the-lights fight.

It’s your turn. No, it’s your turn. No, it’s your turn. Kiss your night of sleep goodnight.

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