Wednesday , April 24 2024

11 Reasons We Fight With The People We’re Closest To

Fights and arguments are inevitable in every kind of relationship, whether it’s between parent and child or between lovers. It’s just impossible to bottle up those emotions that you are so comfortable to let out in front of someone who is ready to forgive you because they love you back just as much. Here are some reasons why we often have tussles with people who we love and care about the most.

1. To put our insecurities out on the table

Sometimes loved ones can do things that hurt us or that are simply perceived as a threat. We tend to express how it may negatively impact us and our stemming concerns. This can often brew into a fight which can be tiring but can also lead to a mutual consensus.

2. Just to pull their leg

Have you ever got into a minor fight just for fun? You start off by pulling their leg or irritating them. They have no idea it’s all in the name of fun with no intention of harming them. But some sensitive people take it to another level.

3. When emotions get the better of you

You’re hurt and just a few steps away from pouring your heart out until, bam! You’ve ended up hurting the one you love too.

4. Because Bollywood inspires us to be drama queens

Enough said.

5. To make them understand your point of view

Making someone understand where you’re coming from is often a task in itself and it requires flames (not literally) to be thrown in different directions until a sense of calm takes over.

6. Pet peeves get the better of you

Not everybody is perfect and you know that very well. However you can’t help but get angry when that loved one doesn’t do the dishes or leaves the bathroom in a mess after he’s done bathing.

7. You know that only they will find it in their hearts to forgive you

You may have had a huge argument with your mom but you know deep down, that she still loves you and it never rains forever.

8. When they make the mistake of not sympathising with your first world problems

Parents have the talent of pointing out your flaws when you rant in exchange for their sympathy. What happens next, we all know.

9. It’s that time of the month for either one of you or both of you

Yes I’m talking about both guys and girls here, before you’ll call me a chauvinist pig.

10. You’re an attention seeker

It’s always you, all the time.

Don’t forget the dramatic effects! Ah perfecto!

11. Every good relationship has its ups and downs, without them, life isn’t natural

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