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20 Amazing Facts To Raise Your Knowledge

Maintaining a healthy dose of curiosity about the world will sharpen your mind, making you happier, strengthening your relationships and improving your productivity. So, if you want to arm yourself with all sorts of fascinating facts and trivia take a look at these 20 incredible facts below:

1. Polar Bears Run Faster Than Professional Football Players

20 Amazing Facts To Raise Your Knowledge

The fastest NFL player in 2018 was a running back who ran just over 22mph. Yet despite their size, polar bears can run at 25mph, jump over six feet in the air, and are nearly undetectable by infrared cameras due to their transparent fur. But, don’t let this skill scare you. Unless provoked, and unlike other bears, polar bears are not territorial or confrontational.

2. Espresso Isn’t Technically Coffee

Espresso is usually thought of as concentrated coffee, but it’s more complex than that. Espresso is made in a particular way. It is produced by pressurizing near-boiling water through finely ground coffee beans packed into cakes. If the drink is made any other way, like on a stovetop pot or fancy pour-over method, then it is coffee, even if it were to taste exactly like a shot of espresso.

3. You Exhale Fat When You Lose It

20 Amazing Facts To Raise Your Knowledge

While a few deep breaths don’t burn many calories, this is how most burned-off fat exits the body. You may have thought it was through sweat, urine, or some other excretion, the truth is, as we exercise or go about our day, most of the fat is converted into carbon dioxide, leaving our body through our lungs. The remaining 16% of the fat is converted to water and leaves through urine or sweat.

4. Women Have Adam’s Apples

The Adam’s Apple is the thyroid cartilage that surrounds the larynx. But, while it was often thought that only men have it, women have it too. It’s just more prominent in males because the larynx is larger in men – hence their deep voice.

5. Family Members Share a Smell

20 Amazing Facts To Raise Your Knowledge

The natural smells of any two family members are similar and this is why the average person does not find family members attractive. According to research conducted at the University of Utah, subjects were more averse to family members’ scents than to strangers’ scents. This is Mother Nature’s way of decreasing genetic mutations caused by inbreeding.

6. Dry Cleaning Isn’t Technically “Dry”

Dry-cleaning garments are thrown into a giant front-loading washer with a liquid detergent. Your clothes are completely immersed with a liquid solvent. So, why is it called ‘dry’? This is because there is no water in it. Dry cleaning was originally discovered by someone who accidentally spilled petroleum all over his clothes, only to discover that it removed stains he couldn’t previously get out. Because petroleum is harmful to the environment, new solvents have been created over time.

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